Today it’s Sunday 😦 School begins again tomorrow…

I just finished playing cards with the fam 😀 Guess who won the final ”winner takes it all” round (my mother 😦 ). And in the long run (most victories), my sister was the true emperor. I’m just the middle guy 😦

Forgive me for not having posted any pictures lately. I promise to use the camera more often.


2 reaktioner på ”Cards

  1. Cards… Oh I miss our poker tournaments and BJ also.. 😀 Fernando Alonso Diaz is the world champion again….. :D:D:D:D:D:D

  2. Yeah, exept you never played… You just sat there 😛

    Indded he is. But I hoped Schumacher would win since it’s the end of his career 😦 But congrats to Alonso 😀


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