The Shadow of a Candle

Viewing the World 

I’ve noticed that the shadow from a lit candle is in constant movement. I don’t men the shadow of the candle itself, but of the flame. The movement of the shadow simply doesn’t fit the usually slow movement of the flame moving back and forth. Instead, the shadow twists and turns a lot. 

What is the reason for this, in my opinion, rather odd behavior? 

Is it because the shadow finds the flame boring? Or is the shadow protesting by not doing what it is supposed to do? No, there’s probably just some simple boring scientific explanation, but I can’t help wondering, does the shadow have a life of its own? 

Only the shadows can tell…


5 reaktioner på ”The Shadow of a Candle

  1. I must be the boring scientist, but I think the reason is the moving air (moving because warmer air goes up and so on..)

    I like candles! ^_^ We had an electricity break the other day and we lit many candles.. 🙂 So romantic 😛


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