Borat wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped for. It wasn’t bad, but not funny either… Slightly ”over the edge” for my taste.

Next time I’d like to see something thrilling instead of funny 😀

… short one today, hope for more another time 🙂


6 reaktioner på ”Disappointed

  1. Brat sounds boring .. I don’t even want to see it… Last film I saw was the cars… I liked it very funny and it was for me because the cars were racing there.. 😛 I like races .. 😀 The Little mermaid is on DVD first time ever now.. 😀

  2. I thought Borat was fine. It got a bit repetive towards the end though. And using periods and emoticons all the time is infuriating. I mean of course it’s ok to use them, but you should use them in appropriate places. And also a capital letter in the beggining of a sentence makes things much clearer.

  3. LOL 😛 Windowpane, that comment wasn’t all about Borat, was it? 😛

    Anyway, some basic grammar stuff, like Windowpane said, does quite a lot of work. Raili, you could learn from that 😛

  4. Well I tried, but I just hate it when people don’t bother writing/typing properly. No offence intended at anyone.


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