I just thought I’d share this with you. During last summer I found this wonderful website, Writing.com, which allows writers (published or not published, professionals or beginners) to share their work of creativity with the world by putting it up for public view on the website – copyrighted of course. This obviously leads to a great source for those who’d like to read as well. There are literally thousands of creative texts, everything from poems and short stories to complete books and collections. There are also a wide variety of contests (writing contests mainly) and a lot of different features, such as the ability to create private groups, polls, quizzes, and even start your own blog! 8The last is not recommended – there are a lot of better sites for creating blogs – such as WordPress.com 😛 )

Anyway, EVERYONE should visit Writing.com regularly (I’ve even added a link to it in the blogroll to the right)!


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