How to use a Bucket

Buckets amaze me a great deal! Just the fact that you can put things in them is so cool 😀 You can actually carry stuff in them! Can you believe it? Carrying stuff in them was the original purpose of buckets, although people tend to use them in various other ways as well, such as drinking from them, taking baths in them, or even wearing them on their head as a hat.

How to use a bucket:

Since buckets are so often abused, I would like to take a moment to teach you all how to properly use a bucket. It’s not as hard as it sounds. In the following guide we’ll attempt to carry some rocks from point A to point B. Later on we’ll try a harder exercise which includes filling the bucket with water and carrying it without spilling.

Exercise #1


  • A bucket, preferable with a handle
  • A few rocks (about 3-5 is enough)


  1. Place the bucket next to the rocks.
  2. Put the rocks in the bucket using your hands.
  3. When the bucket is full, or when you don’t have any rocks left, lift the bucket by holding its handle. If the bucket doesn’t have a handle, place both hands around the bucket lifting it in front of you.
  4. Carry the bucket, with the rocks in it, by walking from point A to point B. Alternatively, you could run, crawl or do anything similar, but in this case walking is recommended. Also make sure you don’t tilt the bucket too much on your way, so the rocks fall out of the bucket.
  5. When you reach point B, put down the bucket and take out the rocks from it. It is also possible to just hold the bucket upside down and let the rocks fall out by themselves. This is often both faster and easier and requires less work.

Congratulations! You have now successfully used a bucket. For exercise #2 we are going to carry water, which is slightly more difficult. It is recommended that you practice some more with exercise #1 before you move on.

Exercise #2:


  • A bucket, preferable with a handle
  • Water in a large bowl, a sink, or something similar
  • An empty bowl, sink, or something similar

Note: Make sure the water source and the empty bowl or sink is placed at a walking distance from each other. You will be carrying the water from the filled bowl or sink to the empty one in this exercise.


  1. Fill the bucket with water. Do this by putting it in the water bath (for example a sink filled with water) so the water flows into the bucket.
  2. Carry the water as in exercise #1 from point A to point B. The key here is not to spill any water. The less you spill outside the bucket, the better. Hold the bucket steady while carrying it, and if you use a handle, make sure you don’t swing the bucket back and fourth too much.
  3. Once you reach point B, hold the bucket upside down and pour the water into the empty bowl or sink. And you are done!

Don’t expect not to spill any water on your first try, Using a bucket properly take time and practice. If you haven’t spilled too much water, you should now be able to refill the bucket from the bowl or sink at point B and carry it back to point A. Continue doing this until you master the bucket carrying technique or until you have spilled all the water. Once you’ve learned how to carry the bucket, you might want to try it in a live situation and under pressure.

I hope this guide was helpful and good luck with your future use of the bucket.


6 reaktioner på ”How to use a Bucket

  1. No, Raili, I haven’t. If I’m going to do it, I’ll probably have to take a day or two off from school… We’ll see!
    Bra fråga, Kajsa! Tja, själv är jag expert på att bära hinkar! Jag har gjort det hele mitt liv… växte upp på en hinkfarm. Det finns dom som försörjer sig på att bära i hinkar, men oftast är det vad dom bär som räknas, inte hur dom gör det. Det går dock att försörja sig på att tillvärka hinkar (vilket man gör på hinkfarmar – det låter som ett TV4 program 😛 ).
    Årliga tävlingar i hinkbärning hålls i norra Finland (tur att de flesta finländare som läser det här inte kan svenska 😛 )


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