Straighten up!

I know I haven’t posted much here lately (as I belive I’ve said before), but there are two other major things that take most of my time:

– TrackMania United (no further explanation needed)

– A secret project I’m working on (might be made official, or might be kept secret forever – nobody knows)

In the mean time, try to be patient. I promise I’ll straighten up and get more writing done very soon!

Just a final note before I go to bed (just watched ”Lost”, so staying up extra late tonight): My previous post ”How to use a bucket” has received an unusual ammount of attention lately. Why, you might ask. Well, simply because people have actually typed in ”How to use a bucket” in search engines (I know, cause keeps track of what terms people have used in search engines to end up at my blog). I mean, who on earth actually searches for that? Weird!



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