Kuopio, Here I Come!

Only two hours and we’re off! I’m looking forward to seeing you all again after about six months.

I’ll be at school first thing in the morning on Thursday (tomorrow). The entire day is full! For example, I’m going to a Arnolds with some of you non-IB’s after school, and later on I’m going to a Christmas concert 😀

On Friday I’ll probably come to school a bit later (around 11?). At three there’s the Chinese restaurant with the IB’s (or at least the Sigma members). After that I will most likely do something with some of the older IB students. I’ll probably be too full for a restaurant, but how about some bowling?

Anyways, can’t wait to see you all again 😀


16 reaktioner på ”Kuopio, Here I Come!

  1. Well, did you have fun? 😀 I hope you enjoyd the consert, we didn’t have time to talka about that.. Didn’t even have time to say goodbye! 😥 But wer’ll maybe see on January?

  2. Yes, I had great fun 😀 I need a weekend after all that 😛 It was good seeing you all again 😀

    And the consert was great. Next time I want to hear a solo from you 😛

    No, we didn’t get to say goodbye, but I’m quite sure we’ll meet again some day.

    In January? Why? I’m not coming to Kuopio than, am I? 😛 Or are you coming here?

  3. LoL 😛 I can imagine that 😛

    Why aren’t we chatting on a forum or any other form of message board, instead of my old blog which I don’t post much in anymore? :S 😛


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