Bake me!

Interpret the title however you want 😛

A few days ago I promised my sister I would bake with her later in the week. What was I thinking? Today I received my punishment.

First task: Finding the recipe. I thought my day was made when no one could find it. Yes, no baking after all 😀 But then my mom shows up >.<

Second task: Adding the incredients. This was probably the most difficult task of them all. Following a list telling you what to add into a bowl is harder than it looks. I suck at it! But, after the eggs (whole, of course), flour (in too large quanities) and the rest of the ”stuff” has been mixed together, and the milk had been swept off the floor (and added to the bowl as well, obviously) things actually seemed to work out.

Third task: Mixing the incredients. What do you do when everything is in the bowl? I wanted to play smart so I started the blender right away. Of course, that didn’t work as I hadn’t put the whiskers in yet. Yet another defeat, but at least my sister got herself a good laugh.

Fourth task: When everything else was done the only thing left was to place it in the oven. And this was my first victory of the day! The oven was already heated and no accidents happened in the process. Disappointed now, are you? 😛

Baking might not be my thing, but in the end it was actually quite fun and the result turned out quite good: a fairly decent ”sockarkaka” (somehow the direct translation – sugarcake – doesn’t sound too appealing).

Final task: Eat the cake. Not even I can fail that 😀

Perhaps baking isn’t that bad after all…


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