Yesterday we (my sister, mom and I) went to do some shopping. These were the main things on the list:

  • A table for my sister at Asko
  • The biggest available storage box at IKEA
  • General shopping at Jumbo (aka. ”The Mall”)
  • Two Chico’s Burgers and one salad (+ dessert)

Starting from the top of the list, we went to buy that table, which we had been told should have arrived by now (it was sold out a few weeks ago when we last checked). There was only one problem: We went to Isku instead of Asku! Damn those Finnish companies. Strangely, Isku didn’t have the table in question, but in all the confusion someone popped the bright idea: Perhaps we were supposed to go to Asku?

So we did, and there the table was displayed. But: It was sold out (again!) and wouldn’t arrive again until December. So this time we decided to order it so we could be sure to get it next time. Now we just have to wait a couple of months once more.

Next up was IKEA. It’s odd how a store can be so structured (just follow the path, you can’t get lost) and still be so confusing. It took us forever to get to the department where they sell storage boxes.

But once we got there, we took the largest one they had and that was it. Nothing got in the way this time and we got exactly what we were looking for (plus a few other things we had no clue we needed).

Then we went to Jumbo, which was the ”main thing” of this trip. Jumbo is a shopping mall (I prefer the one in Alberga – it looks a lot better there and I like the stores they have to offer) between Helsinki and Kyrkslätt (which is where I live). There we did some general shopping and bought more stuff we didn’t know we needed.

At Jumbo we also went to Chico’s, the best restaurant in Finland! Great burgers (no McDonalds junk) and awesome desserts! Today, however, I really don’t feel like going back there…

We finished off the trip by doing some last-minute shopping and then we went home, happy, full of food, and with the trunk full of stuff.



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