Licensed to Drive

Yep, that’s right! I am now officially entitled to drive on my own. My current licence is only temporary (one month), but in about two weeks I should be able to get my actual licence.

But then it gets confusing: The licence I’ll get then is also only temporary, but on a two-year basis instead of a month. In Finland you have to go through a second stage about two years after you’ve gotten the first licence. Only then will you get the actual licence.

However, this probably doesn’t apply to me. As I’ll (probably) move abroad next summer, the current licence will still be valid. I won’t have to do the second part 😀

Anyway, right now it doesn’t really matter at all to me if I have to go through something in two years or not. I’m just happy to have a licence at all 😀


8 reaktioner på ”Licensed to Drive

  1. Actually you’ll have to do the second part. The licence you get after the first part if valid only in Finland. The final licence works in other countries as well. So if you intend to drive wherever you’re going to, you will have to eventually do the second part 😉 Sorry man.

  2. ”pillofchloroform”? Who are you? Finnish I guess 😛

    According to my driver’s licence and research I’ve done, there’s no need to take the second test. But if this information is wrong, I’m quite sure all I need to do wherever I go is to take the test again, as I’ve already done all course work 😉

  3. actually yeah you’re right. I mixed up the licence you have for a month and the one you get after that. After you’ve done the first part you CAN drive in some foreign countries. But yeah you will probably have to do the test again if you’re going to live wherever you’re going to. Well actually I’m half Finnish half Canadian 😉

  4. Jesse, hi 😀

    Yeah, that sounds better. Hopefully Sweden, Denmark or whatever will just let me trade the finnish licence to a real one in the country in question 😉


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