A Snowy Day Is An Ill Day

On the downside…

I’m sick (have a cold) and winter is here.

…but on the upside…

I get to watch the snow fall from within a warm bed with a hot cup of tea in my hands.

Yes, winter is here (again), and although I don’t think the snow will stay for very long, it is the first day where you can actually look out a window and see a white garden. I want to have a snowball-fight! Too bad I’m sick 😦

Also on the positive side, today I’ve been published in a magazine for the first time. Not online, there I’ve been published many times before, but in a REAL magazine. Which one you ask? Volt, which is a Finnish-Swedish magazine coming out once a week as an add to the newspaper Hbl (the largest Finnish-Swedish newspaper around).

So I guess it’s not a bad day after all…


4 reaktioner på ”A Snowy Day Is An Ill Day

  1. but oh! congratulations jozii! I’m happy for ya! hehe. Snow? In november? 😀 Oh, now i’m jealous! 🙂 Snow is so beutiful ❤ Take care dear friend!


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