Christmas Stabs You In the Back…

”Same procedure as every year, James”.

Gosh I suck at updating this blog. But now it’s time to change that!

The past few days have been rather busy, despite the fact that the test week at school is over (the results came in today, btw, but more on that later). During the weekend the family did another run of Christmas shopping, this time in ”Östra Centrum”, at the biggest mall in Finland! Fun, but tiresome, and finally the gifts are falling into place.

Additionally, last week was full of fun events, for example the making of ”Pepprakakor” (in English, anyone?) together with two friends of mine.

Pepparkakor! (sucky/blurry image, but it will do)

Speaking of Christmas, today the season really shows at our home. Candles everywhere, Christmas decorations are showing up in the windows, and the outdoor lights are to be put out very soon. When looking around the neighborhood, we’re falling a bit behind though…

I said I’d talk about the previous test week, of which we got the results today… It went decent, nothing more nor less. Plenty of eights which is pretty acceptable, but also a five for maths (still expected though) and a 6½ for Health Knowledge (the only real disappointment – at least an eight should be to expect there).

Well, that covers most of it, in short terms. Tomorrow the entire school will be off to Helsinki to watch Mannerheim at ”Svenska Teatern”. Could be fun, especially in good company. If I remember I might tell you more about that at a later time…

Until then, enjoy the Christmas season 😉



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