Driving in Sweden

Driving in Sweden has turned out to be quite the experience.

Besides the trip to Stockholm you already know about, yesterday I hit an animal. We (my grandmother and I) were driving (her car, me in the drivers seat) from Södertälje to Rimforsa, when on the road between Linköping and Rimforsa two ”rådjur” (not a deer, not a moose… a smaller but related animal) crossed the road. In the dark I spotted the first one, saw it get safely to the other side, but only a second later saw the second one getting out of a ditch. I had already managed to slow down quite a bit from seeing the first one, but it was too late to stop completely.

It wasn’t a hard crash, but the animal was seen by the people in the car behind walking into the woods, one leg hurt. The car received some minimal damage, but nothing too much. And no one was hurt except for the animal.

The police was alerted and the owner of the land was contacted. After that, we had done our part and could leave the area.

It as quite an experience, and I must say, I’ve seen a lot more the few times I’ve driven in Sweden than I have the entire time I’ve been driving in Finland. I don’t know which one I prefer though 😛


2 reaktioner på ”Driving in Sweden

  1. Det gick så snabbt att jag inte han bli skrämd, men så långsamt att det inte var mycket att bli skrämd över. Han tänka ”oj. nu krockar vi” >.<


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