Wee! We’ve got ourselves a Wii!

Japanese people are highly creative (which we knew already – just watch Spirited Away if you haven’t already, and you’ll understand!). Who knew it could be so much fun waving a stick in front of a TV-screen? When I first heard of Nintendo Wii about two years ago, the marvelous creation where you do sports, play games and act like crazy in front of your TV, I rejected it as silly, stupid and something that couldn’t possibly work in practice.

Boy was I wrong! Knocking your friends over (or in my case, being knocked over by your friends) in boxing, swinging an imaginary baseball bat, finishing first in a 100 meter athletic run, riding a cow, shooting by aiming at your screen… it’s all great entertainment, and works surprisingly well!

My mom suck at golf, but my dad is catching up on me.

To top it all, Mr. Mario, the good old classic character whom most of us know from decades ago (only one decade ago in my case though), also gets brought back to life with the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy is an excellent game, for example!

This becomes a short post, but hey, with a Wii in the house, who can blame me? My sister is begging for it…


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