New Look

I love changing skin! But it’s been a while now…

So I stumbled upon (not through StumbleUpon, though 😛 ) this new skin which I haven’t used due to the autumn theme. But now autumn is almost here :O

The header is changeable though. But my skills when it comes to making a new one suck 😦

Perhaps you can help me out? If you’re skilled with this sort of thing, I’d be thrilled if you could design a custom header for me! Just contact me and I can send you some personal photos or something for you to work with. Or you can surprise me, but chances are I’ll be disappointed 😛

Image size: 760 x 190 pixels.

Anyone up for the task?

For now, however, it’s a new season and a new skin. And I kind of like the more simplistic yet sophisticated look 😉


4 reaktioner på ”New Look

  1. …And hope people are dumb enough to believe you? I would be insulted.

    If you’re sophisticated, I’m dignified.


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