So, that was the first snow of the year (though it was hardly even noticeable). And inspired by this I used my, what to call it, skills (?) with Photoshop to create this, hmm, awesome (?) header.

OK, so it looks horrible. But I’ll leave it there for a while, mostly just to annoy the mentally challanged Davis. I’ll probably remove it as soon as he comes and tells me how bad I am with Photoshop (or rather, how good he thinks he is) 😛 To my comfort, he doesn’t even get to celebrate Christmas at all! Poor guy 😛


9 reaktioner på ”Snow

  1. . . .

    There should be a mandatory IQ test before they sell you (Or in your case, before you aquire) Photoshop.

    And Christa forewarned me, you’ve been caught red handed.

  2. Since when’s IQ related to Photoshop skills? 😛

    And I actually believe this is a legal copy of Photoshop. I can’t believe you would think anything else :O

  3. OK, the IQ and Photoshop skills must be only a coincidence *rolls eyes*

    Note Davis didn’t say anything about your version of Photoshop being downloaded, he just said acquired, which could just mean that someone (your dad?) had bought it for you so you didn’t have to buy it with your own money. Then you start all defending yourself, which doesn’t really help your case.

    Hehe, maybe good I’m far away from you right now… 😉

  4. Hellu!
    I’ll just write this in english since I got inspired… I have to say that I love the cheaps nowadays… But, Johan, the first snow of the year? We had snow in january this year aswell. Bright! Mohaha! 😀

  5. Since when’s IQ related to Photoshop skills?

    Since the beginning, but I only started noticing it when people n00bs like you started using it.

    You shouldn’t be allowed to vote either.

  6. Cheaps? You’ve been watching too many Tele2 (it is Tele2, right?) commercials.

    Though Frank is kind of sweet, especially when he starts to sob 😛 Or walks on two legs. Or explores his spiritual side 😛

    ”Born to be cheap” is as bad a slogan as the old ”You got talent – Juice it!” from the BRAVO juice pack years ago xD


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