This post is dedicated to Eveliina Kalenius – perhaps the most awesome Finn in the whole of TUI Nordic! She wanted me to say the whole world, but hey, this is a serious post, I don’t want to exaggerate.

With her extreme cleverness and psychological cunning, Eveliina can handle any problem and comfort any client with ease. When she speaks, everyone else shuts up. And not because she’s yelling – which is something she’s just too good to do – but because her voice is so enchanting and beautiful.

When there’s a problem at the office, Eveliina is the one grabbing the steeringwheel, taking control of the situation. There’s no one more accountable than her. She’s always helpful, and when she enters the office in the morning her smile and appealing personality makes everyone have a great day. She’s just glowing, and you can see the passion in her eyes!

Her work ethics are unparallelled and she’s just and fair. She’s value driven and her every move makes the company a tad bit better than what it was before. She’d be the perfect team leader – I vote for her to become the Destination Manager of Jylland, once we make it an S12 destination. I still vote for Ninni to be collegue of the month though. Sorry.

To Finnish off this awesome post for the awesome Eveliina, I was thinking long and hard of what words I could use to summarize my feelings for her. And I came to the conclusion that there’s only one thing that I can say: Eveliina, I love you!

Peace out!



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