My biggest moments of 2014, part 2 – Summer & Autumn

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14. That week in Sweden – Between China and moving to London I spent a few days in Sweden, in the house in Kungsbacka. I saw some old friends and met Helenas wonderful kids. It was late May, warm, and a few days that had a really good vibe to them.

SweSwe 2

15. Finding Laings Corner – By far the best thing that has happened to me this year must be finding the house share I currently live in. I was lucky. New to London and with no friends I instantly got to know 65 people. I’ve never been lonely since.

16. Pride – I saw the Pride parade in New York in 2006, unplanned. This year I want to the London version, planned. I’ve never felt like it’s something I really want to do, but I will remember it as a great day of 2014.

17. The Misfits filming location – Miki and I both love the UK TV show Skins, and she introduced me to the slightly similar show Misfits. It was filmed outside London. We went there for a memorable afternoon excursion.

18. Summer days in the back yard – At Laings we have the coolest back yard, with a bunch of (probably moldy) sofas and chairs and a little fireplace. They’re out there day and night, year round, though we gradually replace them and use blankets to sit on. We had loads of really cozy days and evenings in those sofas!


19. Brighton – We – the people living at the house – had loads of plans to go places together within the UK. Whales, Manchester, Liverpool… The only one we actually ended up doing was Brighton. But it was a totally awesome day! One of the best summer days, actually. I love Brighton!

20. Portsmouth – Another place I did go to, however on my own, was Portsmouth (two hours by train from London). It became very special to me for two reasons: it was very spontaneous, and everything that happened during the trip, and the people I met, was very random and unplanned. You don’t need to go far to do a great trip. I can honestly say that this became one of my best travel experiences ever, mainly due to how random everything was.

21. Sarah’s goodbye party – I never got to know Sarah that well, but her goodbye party was great! We all gathered in a local park, drank and had a trampoline and played games. Next to Brighton it was one of the best summer days. Everyone was happy, daydrunk and had a good time.

Park party

22. Rest Up – When I came to London I had no idea where I would end up. When looking for a job I was lucky to find Rest Up Hostel, larger than most hotels, and with the best colleagues I could ask for. Above minimum wage – which is otherwise what foreigners coming to the city to look for a job usually get – and a great place to start my London career. In fact, it might end up being the only London job I’ll ever want or need.

23. Rhodes Reunion – I always thought the first TUI-destination I would revisit would be Lanzarote. Turned out to be Rhodes, and a lot sooner than expected. And, the below photo happened! Johanna and I reunited in the GOL-office. Oh, the memories!

Johanna24. Bringing UK-friends to Sweden – Our Whales road trip failed due to too many minds wanting too many different things. So instead some of us went to the house in Kunsgbacka. We were lucky. It was the last sunny days of the summer. Despite some people falling in the water while kayaking, we had a great trip and I was happy that I could show everyone my home country.


25. Erin’s Birthday – We went for a Monopoly pub crawl for Erin’s birthday, going to all the streets on the traditional Monopoly board.

26. Berlin – Oh my god, Berlin! The trip that I was never meant to go on but that I decided to join in on anyway. And I’m glad I did.


27. The Quadcopter – So as everyone probably knows by now I bought a quadcopter with a camera on it. I’ve started a blog about it and have taken loads of photos and made several videos.


Quad 3

Quad 228. Christmas in Sweden – Well, not really, but it felt like it. I was there the week before, seeing family and experiencing what I consider related to traditional Christmas. The trip was short but sweet and helped me get that Christmas feeling.

29. Lena & Kajsa – A very positive and unexpected surprise was that my childhood neighbors Kajsa and Lena came the day before Christmas. On Christmas Eve we met for dinner and saw each other for the first time in years. A lot of memories were discussed. We had a great time and it was a good way to finish off a very eventful year.

Kajsa and lena


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