Eurovision 2016 — The Finals

It’s time to rate the final six! Crossing my fingers for a few good surprises here 😀 Check out my verdicts on all songs from Semifinal 1 and Semifinal 2.

#1. France – J’ai cherché – Pop

Love the chorus! A lot! The rest, not so much. The whole stage thing with the background girls and their dresses is just a bit weird.

  • Personal Score: 4
  • Eurovision Score: 3,5

#2. Germany – Ghost – Slow Pop

Cool voice, as so often with Germany’s contestants. And a cool Japanese anime-style stage and dress. Quite good song, but not unique enough.

  • Personal Score: 4
  • Eurovision Score: 3

#3. Italy – No Degrees of Separation – Slow Pop

Most likely, they will change this to an English version for Eurovision, like Italy often does. I’d be good with that, even though Italian is beautiful it will increase their chances. This is a beautiful song! I hope they have a cool stage version like the semi-stage version in the video. Top song!

  • Personal Score: 4
  • Eurovision Score: 4

#4. Spain – Say Yay! – Pop

She definitely tries to get the party started, but in my opinion, she’s not succeeding.

  • Personal Score: 3
  • Eurovision Score: 3

#5. Sweden – If I were Sorry – Slow PopSinger/songwriter

Seriously, I’m honest when I say that this is my absolute favorite song this year! It’s probably hard to believe I’m not biased because it’s my home country, but this song fits my style of music very well! That said, I was very quick to say that it’s NOT a Eurovision winner when I watched the Swedish nationals. I voted for someone else. I stand by that, ”If I Were Sorry” is not a given winner. However, lucky for us, there haven’t been any given winners at all this year. The overall quality of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is higher than usual because there are no super bad or ”joke”-songs, but it’s not not extraordinary. And therefore, I actually think that Sweden will get a top place this year as well (though probably not win). Unlike a lot of the average pop songs, this one has more feeling, and the singer has a stage presence even though I believe the stage show is lacking.

  • Personal Score: 5
  • Eurovision Score: 4

#6. United Kingdom – You’re Not Alone – Pop

The UK are usually just as shitty as Finland. This year — just as Finland — they’ve stepped it up. Unfortunately, they’re doing so with… an average pop song! The competition is too hard this year, and the song slightly too boring. It’s catchy, but not enough. Sorry UK. The guy on the right though: great voice!

  • Personal Score: 3,5
  • Eurovision Score: 3

Summary of the Finals

The ”Big 5” + Sweden are adding some good quality pop songs to the mix, though I’m not feeling a winner. I’m disappointed to say that there is no clear winner at all this year, after having listened to all the songs. But there’s A LOT of decent pop, and NO joke songs or hilariously bad ones. Not a single one actually, quite surprising.

I’ll be writing a summary post where I’ll list my top 5’s and post it tomorrow 🙂



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