Eurovision 2016 — My Top Lists

OK, so who will actually win Eurovision this year? I’ve compiled two top-five lists: one with my personal favorites, and one with who I actually think will be the top five. Last year, my predictions

Last year’s predictions:

Last year, I predicted one country in EXACTLY the correct position. Randomly, that country was Australia (5th place). Of my top five list, three were actually in top five (Sweden, Italy and Australia). The two remaining countries — Norway and Georgia — finished 8th and 11th respectively. In other words, all my predicted top 5’s did well.

Among my personal favorites, Belgium, Australia and Sweden were in top five. Slovenia and United Kingdom finished 14th and 24th respectively.

My personal Top 10, 2016:

  1. Sweden – If I Were Sorry
  2. Malta – Walk on Water
  3. Germany – Ghost
  4. Croatia – Lighthouse
  5. Ukraine – 1944
  6. Finland – Sing It Away
  7. Greece – Utopian Land
  8. France – J’ai cherché
  9. Belgium – What’s The Preassure
  10. Latvia – Heartbeat

The way I think it will end 2016 (top 5):

  1. Iceland – Hear Them Calling
  2. Romania – Moment of Silence
  3. Sweden – If I were Sorry
  4. Malta – Walk On Water
  5. Italy – No Degrees of Separation


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