Short Stories in English

I’ve written most of my short stories in Swedish, but here’s a collection of older ones in English.

The darklight stranger

He appeared to me as a shadow, a bright one. It might have been a dream, or it might not. I’m not sure. I am sure that he saved me though. Saved me from whatever was haunting me. I’d spent countless years trying to do what he did in just seconds. With the snap of a finger he made it all worth while, made me into what I’d always tried to become. Read the rest.


I know I shouldn’t blame myself for what happened, but sometimes I can’t help thinking that if I had just done something different that day, if I would have chased after her or told her at a different time or place, things could’ve been different today. Read the rest.

The girl who wanted to get married

The girl was out of the house to visit her neighbor, who had invited her over for dinner. The sun was shining; the sky was free of clouds. A lovely day, the girl thought, as she came to a small hill, which the gravel road went over. The neighbor lived on the other side. Read the rest.

The forbidden path

I stopped at a point where the old forest path split in two. This is where they found my father, I thought. My father had died about a year earlier. They had found him lying on the ground, with every bone in his body broken, as if he had fallen and hit the ground at high speed. But there was nothing to fall from, except for trees, and they weren’t nearly tall enough to cause such severe injuries. Officially his death was classified as an accident, but no one had ever been able to determine the true cause of how he died. Read the rest.


The snail approached David from behind. Slowly, quietly and with great professionalism he came closer and closer to the non-suspecting foolish human being. However, just as he got ready to strike, David looked up from his handcraft, turned around and saw the snail, who froze on the spot. Read the rest.

55 Word Stories

Stories that are exactly 55 words – no more, no less. The beauty is in the simplicity.

  • Distinguished – A horse is trying to communicate with a flock of sheep.
  • The Natural Way – A married couple with vastly different jobs both had a successful day at work.
  • Communication – Death tries to take a woman but she refuses to go with him.