The darklight stranger

  • Short story: The darklight stranger
  • Written: July 5, 2008
He appeared to me as a shadow, a bright one. It might have been a dream, or it might not. I’m not sure.

I am sure that he saved me though. Saved me from whatever was haunting me. I’d spent countless years trying to do what he did in just seconds. With the snap of a finger he made it all worth while, made me into what I’d always tried to become.

This shadow, a bright one, a stranger in the dark, was not really a man. He was a power, a force stronger than anything else this world has ever seen. I call him “he”, because he told me to do so. That’s right, he talked to me. He asked me to do favors for him, to do minor things he couldn’t be bothered with. I was his right hand, and I gladly did what he told me to do.

But what was it that made him so strong? Some say he was the creation of evil, and that his powers came from somewhere beneath. I say it was a work of the divine, and that he wasn’t the creation, but the creator. He was the source I had been looking for. He was the divine. He got his strength from everything, and everything was he.

You could say it was an endless circle. The stronger he got, the stronger he could get. I helped him grow. He created souls, which he existed on. One cannot live without doing something meaningful. He had found – created – that meaningful thing, and he showed it to me. He made me a part of him, something above the other souls. He made me a spirit.

I never really knew him though. I thought I’d understood it, that I had all the answers. I was wrong. In the end he was just a stranger, a bright shadow in the dark. A burning flame which everyone, including me, admired and worshiped, but never really understood. He made me something special, but for all the wrong reasons. I did things for him, things which at the time enlightened me, but which today I regret. I did dark things, evil things, things you can’t even dream of. He admired my courage and loyalty. He saw what my true capabilities were.

So what was it that killed him, this mighty power? It was the souls themselves, his creation. He might have been the source of it all, but he never really understood. He was the strongest power, but he wasn’t the ultimate one. I was. The souls were not foolish. They had found his weakness, his broken heart. He was blinded by them, by his divine work. He nourished them, loved them, but led them into the darkness without knowing it, a mistake which came to have cruel consequences.

That was my chance, my possibility to use his power and weakness to take his place. The souls were weak, too. They needed a new leader, someone to love them without deceiving them. They needed me.

Today I rule them with my own powers. As a mortal soul, this had been my ultimate goal. With the help of the divine one, the stranger, reaching my goal became a possibility. The souls helped me, and with their needs and what I had learned from my creator, I took the leap and became what I am today. I love the souls, each and every one of them, although they’re not really mine. I love them just as much as he did, but I have learned from his mistake and won’t let that love make me blind. I will rule the weaker, be admired and worshiped, but I won’t lead them into the darkness. I was blessed by a bright shadow, a stranger with good intentions but without the ability to carry them out. I’ve been blessed by the divine, the source of everything. I have become that source. I am the creator.