Iceland, Part 4: Geysers & Waterfalls

These are the two things that Iceland might be most famous for, and for very good reason! As we set out on our first real full day of sightseeing I don’t think we fully understood what amazing places we were about to see.

Laugarvatn, where we spent the night, is located on the Golden Circle. This is a famous route starting and ending in Reykjavik, going inland to an area where there are a lot of sights close together. We would stay at the same hostel the second night – it was so great that we decided not go book a different place. Our planned route for the day would start on the Golden Circle, end at Vik which is the southernmost town in Iceland, and go back to Laugarvatn in the evening.

The Geyser

Or first stop was X, a short drive north of Laugarvatn. It’s the most famous geyser on the island.



A bonus we came across on the road was a flat landscape with horses grazing and mountains in the background. Of course we had to stop for photos!


X Waterfall

One of the most powerful waterfalls of the island, X has an interesting story. X, a local woman, went through great lengths to protect it when the local authorities wanted to turn it int a power plant. She went on countless trips to Reykjavik to argue her case in court. This was before there were cars or roads and she had to make each trip by foot on the volcanic rocks.

She later, after winning the case, helped develop the site in the tourist attraction it is today by creating paths and making the waterfall more accessible to the public.


Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss

We drove south and our next waterfall on our list was X. Arguably, this was the most stunning to look at. X, a very short drive further along the south ring road, was almost just as stunning.

One of the biggest highlights for me personally during this entire holiday was when at X, I climbed to the top! I found a very steep ”path” and followed it. The view from the top was incredible – and the angle from which I could film with my quadcopter equally so!

Words can’t do either of these two waterfalls justice, so I created this quadcopter viedeo:


Where to go next?

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