I början av maj var jag i Island. Eftersom jag reste med en italienare får min summering av den här helt otroliga resan bli på engelska. Jag hoppas det går bra 🙂

”It’s my dream to go to Iceland,” Ella said. She was a new colleague and we were just getting to know each other.

”That’s my dream too!” I replied. We joked about going together.

”If we book it now, we’ll have to go,” I said, getting serious about the trip.

Ella was quick to say we should do it. So we did. And that’s how the two of us ended up on one of the most incredible holidays I’ve ever had.

This was in the late part of 2014, around six months before the actual trip. We booked it for May 4-9, 2015. Cheap flights and decent weather, though after the northern light season ended.

It’s difficult to put words on everything we experienced. The amazing open roads in sunsets and countless hours we spent in the car. The mountains stretching out in the horizon, to minutes later surround us completely as we drove across the island. The cities and towns, from sun licked Reykjavik in the west, to rainy Vik in the south, to snowcovered Akureyri in the north.

The snowstorm that caught us off guard completely swallowing the road in front of us, and the 1,5 km hike we made when the storm got worse. The contrast between when our car broke down and we slept with no bed sheets in a cold and cheap hostel, the storm howling outside our window, and the following night when we had an entire three-storey villa o ourselves – complete with a living room and terrace, modern kitchen and large bedrooms – and great weather.

And the sights. Oh, the sights! Waterfalls, volcanoes, massive lakes, open landscapes, geysers, beaches, and so much more!

A single blog post would not do this life-changing trip justice. Instead, I’ve compiled a 9-part series summarizing everything we experienced, complete with photos and video. I’ve tried to do it in an interactive way with a few surprises along the way to keep it interesting, and I recommend you to start from Part 1 and click your way through. However, if you like, you can skip around and check out the parts that appeal to you.

And after reading all this, hopefully you too will want to go to Iceland – it’s one of the coolest places on earth! Enjoy 😀

Start the adventure! (Part 1)

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I truly recommend starting from Part 1. At the end of each part you’ll have the option to click on to the next part, or you can go back to this page and select from the list below:

  • Part 1: The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik & Amazing Sunset
  • Part 2: Geysers & Waterfalls
  • Part 3: Vik & The Black Beach
  • Part 4: The Hunt for the Crashed Airplane
  • Part 5: The Drive North & Akureyri
  • Part 6: Sights Around Myvatn
  • Part 7: Our Car Broke Down in a Snowstorm
  • Part 8: The Drive Back South & Our Last Night
  • Part 9: The Last Day