Iceland, Part 3: Thingvellir National Park & The First Hostel

Thingvellir is a vast area north of lake Thingvallavatn, the largest body of water in Iceland. As we drove through the national park, a part of the UNESCO world heritage list, we were blessed with the most amazing sunset.

This was my first great opportunity to take out the quadcopter I had brought along on this holiday. I’m very glad I took it with me as Iceland is the perfect place to film from the air.

I won’t bore you with the history of Thingvellir but will rather let this video speak for itself. Thingvellir is incredibly beautiful!

The first hostel

As the sun set in our backs we left Thingvellir behind us, driving farther away from Reykjavik, to the tiny town of Laugarvatn, our first location of accommodation of many. We took care to select great places to stay, while on a budget, as this was far more important to us than food. And this first place was spot on!

The hostel, Héraðsskólinn Hostel, was large with pretty cool common areas, Icelandic design, and a very cool open space ”living room”. The dorm was basic – we shared a room with 10 or so beds. But the best of all was the view: a mountain on one side and a vast lake on the other! Magnificent!

It was now pitch black but we would wake up to a wonderful morning view as we had breakfast by the windows.

Thingvellir &  photo gallery

Where to go next?

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